“10 Reasons to travel to Colombia”

Below you will find the main reasons why you should choose

Colombia as your next travel destination.

1. Colombia is a global force in natural resources, making it a vital area for planet sustainability. It posses 32 terrestrial biomes, 314 kinds of continental ecosystems, 53% of its territory is covered by natural forests and 2% of its territory is covered by badlands.

2. Colombia posses diverse thermal floors. This allows you to enjoy a variety of environments such as deserts, snowy peaks, forests, planes, beaches and virgin jungles, with the Amazon Rainforest being the most unique to the country.

3. Colombia’s territories and people are diverse with multiple regions, creating a culture with variety in cuisine, music, and tradition.

4. Colombia is proud to have 6 cultural sites and 2 natural sites declared as World Heritage by UNESCO, making it a destination for those who seek rare natural beauty.

5. Eight Colombian demonstrations are registered in the lists of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

6. Colombia is home to a network of seven traditional towns located along the national territory.

7. Colombia has prime geographical location making the country accessible from the Americas as well as the rest of the world.

8. Colombia has more than twenty international airlines with direct connection to Europe and the Americas from the El Dorado International Airport in Bogota. We have a complete network of national airlines creating efficient travel across the country.

9. In Colombia you will never be bored. There are cultural events, parties, and holidays throughout the year with a variety of themes and activities to fit every visitors interests.

10. Colombia has convenient ATMs and currency exchange facilities readily available for the avid traveler making access to your money easily accessible.