Sustainable Scuba Diving

EcoDiving Colombia’s management model is based on the concept of Sustainable Scuba Diving. The goal is to inspire others to continue to create underwater activities in Colombia; to preserve the long term development of the art of scuba diving for generations to come. See 10 Reasons to Scuba in Colombia


How We Do It:

  • 1.  We identify the key factors in the recreational scuba diving industry, (scuba diving centers, hotels, communities, government entities, and NGO), which operates in Colombia and directly effects the well-being of the underwater and ground ecosystems.

  • 2.  We select people, businesses, and institutions with common goals to accomplish our mission, maximizing the scuba diving experience.


  • 3.  We offer ecological and culture activities that compliment your trip while you are above water, enhancing your adventure by interacting with the local community.


  • 4.  We help to channel your investment in this activity so you can enjoy with us the beauty of the experience.

  • 5.     We inform you of the social and environmental achievements and challenges that makes Colombia the first destination of sustainable scuba diving in the region.

Core Objectives:

We offer scuba divers around the world an experience that will overwhelm you, and not your wallet.

Each branch in EcoDivingColombia will not only guarantee safety on each immersion, but also involve you in activities to give you the opportunity to directly impact the environment.

We want you to feel like Colombia is your second home, so when you go back to where you came, you feel rewarded in that you contributed not only to the sustainability of scuba diving, but to the ecosystem and beyond.