Our founders, clients, vendors, suppliers, estate entities, NGO’s and other Interested parties directly or indirectly involved with ECODIVINGCOLOMBIA have committed themselves to Sustainable Tourism and are currently executing tangible actions in order to sustain it.

These are our shared values and we invite you to know them, adopt them and practice them not only on your next visit to Colombia but anywhere in the world.

Good Social Practices:

We offer the space to know and share local culture as well as our visitors’ in a way where we enrich people’s wisdom. We value and respect the differences in traditions and beliefs that allow for our communities to be unique and a source for life experiences.

We promote and foster different activities accepted and allowed by the law which help communities develop harmonically with the environment in order to achieve their well-being. These include ecotourism, crafts and cultural activities in general.

We do not tolerate, under any circumstance, any type of infringement of fundamental rights of the communities that we visit. We protect the rights of women and children above all. We do not share nor promote any activity related with sexual exploitation in travel and tourism within our territory and as part of our commitment we are actively involved with THE CODE (“The Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism”) where we promote, share and spread their initiatives.

Good Cultural Practices

We value the communities’ right to reserve the way, the time, place and with whom they share their cultural heritage.

We do not promote nor support the commercialization of illegal cultural goods.

Places, ceremonial or ancestral acts must be valued, admired and respected. If the community allows for you to be present, take advantage of this marvelous once in a life time experience.

We are an active communication channel of any social and cultural initiative that looks to improve the development of our communities. Initiatives that promote and spread their beliefs and values that generate well-being for their population.

Good Environmental Practices:

We are committed to the efficient and rational use of natural resources in the different places our tourists visit as well as where they come from. Please be conscious of the water and energy used to go about your daily activities, recycle and do not waste precious natural resources.

We promote educational campaigns for the conservation of the environment and you as our tourist friend are an essential part of this campaign as well. If you have expertise or knowledge on the subject that will allow us to spread the word, please use our platform to do so. The collective effort alone can guarantee sustainability on our planet.

We have a strict policy with our corporate partners, whether clients, suppliers, vendors or other interested parties with whom we develop our daily activities. We all design or execute project for the sustainable development of our planet.

We do not support the commercialization or production of crafts made with coral reef, marine shells, or any other type of marine life extracted from the bottom of the oceans or dry land species in extinction. As a tourist, please refrain from acquiring these types of products on your visit.

We do not promote nor support illegal traffic or commercialization of species of local fauna and flora.

Tourist friend, during your stay please refrain from taking part in fishing activities or the consumption of endangered species. Please abstain yourself from taking any type of marine life from the bottom of the sea.