Diving Specialties

In this section you will find the courses that we have available for you to build your dive trip to Colombia and certify yourself in the following specialties:

     1. Underwater Photography in Taganga

     2. Coral Restoration in San Andrés

     3. Basic and Advanced Handicapped in Cartagena

     4. EFR & Rescue Diver in Providencia

     5. Underwater Naturalist in Santa Marta

     6. Dry Suit and Altitude Diving in the Laguna de Tota

     7. Rebreather and Dive Master in Cartagena

     8. Shore Diving in Nuquí

     9. Nitrox in Cartagena, Santa Marta and Providencia

   10. Full Face Mask en Isla Fuerte

In the following form, indicate the specialty of your interest, leave us your contact information and we will send you a personalized quote so that you continue to progress in your profile as a diver

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