Prepare your Diving trip to Colombia

Major Airlines Operating in Colombia.

The most common and easiest way to get to our country is by air. Colombia has extensive Airport infrastructure, and the major cities and destinations in the country have international terminals :

Airport Location Domestic Airlines International Airlines
El Dorado Bogotá Avianca, LAN, Copa, Viva Colombia, Satena United Airlines, Delta Airlines, Air France, KLM, American Airlines, Lufthansa, Air Canada, Iberia, Aerolineas Argentinas, Aeromexico, Interjet, TAP, LAN, Avianca, Copa, Spirit
Jose Maria Cordoba Medellin Avianca, LAN, Copa, Viva Colombia American Airlines, Avianca, Spirit
Olaya Herrera Medellin ADA, Easy Fly, Satena
Ernesto Cortissoz Barranquilla Avianca, LAN, Copa, Viva Colombia American Airlines, United Airlines, KLM
Rafael Nuñez Cartagena ADA, Easy Fly, Avianca, Easy Fly, Viva Colombia Jet Blue, Spirit
Simón Bolívar Santa Marta Avianca, LAN, Copa, Viva Colombia
Alfonso Bonilla Aragón Cali ADA, Avianca, LAN, Copa, Viva Colombia, Satena American Airlines, Iberia, KLM
Gustavo Rojas Pinilla San Andrés Avianca, LAN, Copa, Viva Colombia, Satena
El Embrujo Isla Providencia Satena
Reyes Murillo Nuquí Satena
José Celestino Mutis Bahía Solano Satena
Juan Casiano Guapi Satena
Gerardo Tovar Buenaventura Satena

Entry requirements

Entry Requirements (Source:  Colombia Immigration)

Any foreigner entering Colombian territory via air, car or boat, must present valid passport, exit tickets and corresponding visa requirements at Immigration Posts.

Exit Requirement :

The major requisite to exit the country is the Exit Tax. If you are a foreign tourist, you are exempt from this tax if your stay in Colombia was not more than 60 days or if you are in transit.

Colombians residing abroad who did not stay in Colombia for more than 180 days are also exempt from this tax.

See Visas enforced in Colombia

Foreign visitors from these countries must have a valid visa to enter Colombia and it must be presented to the Immigration Authorities at the moment of entering the country.

Do not forget your luggage

Personal documents including passport, airplane tickets, debit and credit cards, cash, hotel and travel (if applicable) reservations, vaccine card, travel insurance, diving insurance, diving certificate, diving log book and medical prescriptions.

Complete Diving Gear, with spare straps for diving mask and fins.

  • Camera (video and photos) with batteries, memory cards and all charging cables necessary.
  • Sunglasses, hat, bug spray, sunscreen and tanning lotion (Preferably all biodegradable in order to protect the health of all marine ecosystems).
  • In case of emergency card with all information of important contacts, phone number, emails of someone we can reach at home.
  • Personal object you consider necessary for your travels. Use comfortable shoes.
  • Weigh your luggage before departure so you can calculate any excess baggage. Flights in certain parts of Colombia like Nuqui, Bahia Solano and Providencia have a 10kg weight limit per person, any excess luggage has additional cost.
  • Electricity:

110V AC, 60 Hz. Power connectors can vary: two or three pins. Adaptors can be easily purchased if necessary.



Health and Vaccines

Please take into account that most diving spots in Colombia are in Tropical Zones where disease transmission through mosquito bites are very frequent. Malaria, Yellow Fever, Zika and Chikungunya are the most frequent.

If you are headed to Guatape or Lake Tota you may experience altitude sickness

National Health Authorities require foreigners to get the Yellow Fever vaccine 15 days prior to your travel date if you are going to the Caribbean, Eastern Plains or the Amazon.

In order to visit jungle regions or Natural National Parks, National health authorities recommend to get Tetanus, Hepatitis A and B, Typhoid Fever, MMR, and DTP vaccines.

Water Consumption

Only in Bogotá can you drink water from the tap. We do not recommend, under any circumstance to drink water from the tap in any other city or town. This is why you must always carry properly bottled water, previously packaged or bought at a store or supermarket.



Safety Recommendations

If you take a cab, only take one in authorized locations in airport, malls, hotels, or bus stations. Do not take cabs in the street. With ECODIVINGCOLOMBIA you can coordinate transport which will take you from the airport to the hotel and viceversa.

When using public transportation (bus, trasmilenio, metro in Medellin) it is advised to only carry with your Personal Identification and sufficient money to do your errands. You can ask at your hotel where the bus stations are and which bus or metro will take you to your destination.

Always carry with you basic personal information, RH, medicine you might need, or information of medicine you might be allergic. In case of emergency, Paramedics and Assistance Personnel will be able to help you with more efficiency.

If you plan to do Eco-touristic activities, do not do them alone. Hire Specialized Guide Services. Colombian geography is very complex and you can easily get lost or be in an accident.

Hite tourist plans and guide services only in authorized places. Only Legal Establishments can offer you and guarantee their service and quality.

As a Scuba Diver; only go diving in legal and certified centers. Do not do immersions that require of technical and special abilities which you do not feel comfortable with or have the expertise to do. Always check the gear you are going to use and demand of the center and your instructor a complete brief before going out on your immersion. Never hesitate to ask for help when you need it.

In Colombia the emergency number is 123. You can dial it from any mobile or house phone. Save it on your phone or memorize it. With this number you can receive any type of assistance.

Travel Assistance Insurance

Traveling with insurance policies for travelers guarantees your vacation trip will not become a headache. We recommend the following.

  • Credit Cards usually have basic travel assistance services. Check with your bank to see what services they offer you.

  • Hire a travel insurance policy that compliments your basic assistance from your credit card.

  • Hire an insurance policy specialized in scuba diving. Generally, any event or accident caused by diving is not covered by a travel assistance insurance.

You can hire these services through ECODIVINGCOLOMBIA. If you do not hire them through us, the trip will be under your responsibility. We want your visit to our country to be the best it can, even in the event of a setback.

Consulate and Embassy Information

In this link you can find information about the principle embassies and consulates offering their services in Colombia.