Privacy Policy (from here on, “ECODIVING COLOMBIA” or “we”) values its customers and is committed to protecting their privacy. During the execution of our commitment, ECODIVING COLOMBIA has developed a privacy policy (from here on, Privacy Policy or Politics) that describes ECODIVING COLOMBIA’s policies and practices, in regards to its storage, release and utilization of gathered personal data. While visiting or using this website (from here on, Digital Platform), you, as a user (from here on, User), accepts the practices listed below. This Policy also contains the privacy practices in the Digital Platform, performed by ECODIVING COLOMBIA, in pursuance of the Ley de Protección de Datos Personales in Colombia, Ley Nº1581/2012 y Decreto N° 1377/2013 y sus normas complementarias (from now on, “LPDP”).

1. Gathered Data

ECODIVING COLOMBIA receives and stores any information provided by the user while browsing through ECODIVING COLOMBIA´S Digital Platform; whether this be using our Digital services, registering as a user through email, publishing information through social media and chat groups, or any other means when he/her hires a product or services through us. The gathered data (from here on, Personal Information) includes: first name and last name, physical address, nationality, telephone number, identification and email address. If the user makes a reservation through our Digital Platform, his/hers credit card information (such a credit card number, cardholders name and expiration date) and passport number, will be saved since Colombian legal authorities and customs my require them at any given time. We can also request information about frequent flyers programs. The user can choose not to disclose any of this information, however, keep in mind that a certain amount of information is required in order to process any transactions in our Digital Platform. If the user decides not to disclose the necessary information, he/her will not be able to hire us. In the case that the user makes a reservation using the name of a third party, he/her must obtain consent from that third party before handing any information to us.

2. Gathered Personal Information

Due to the legality of online privacy laws, ECODIVING COLOMBIA can gather Personal Information about the user and include it in its Personal Information file previously given by the user. This information includes subscribed entities, commercial partners or any other independent third parties such as public data bases or interactive apps. Keep in mind that any gathered data can be included into the Personal Information database to help us improve your experience, meet your needs, and develop new products for you. Any Personal Information obtained by ECODIVING COLOMBIA will be treated according to our Privacy Policy listed below. This Policy does not cover the practices of those third parties of which we receive information from.

3. Registration Authorization and Personal Information Treatment

When visiting, using or registering in ECODIVING COLOMBIA’s platform, you AUTHORIZE ECODIVING COLOMBIA to keep and use your Personal Information for these followings purposes: processing any transactions made by the user; offering products and services about special trips (unless the user decides to Opt Out, please read below); confirmation emails and updates about his/her trip; payments processes; answering questions and feedback; contacting the User for customer service, surveys and analysis about consumption habits. Likewise, we use your credit or debit card information (cardholder name, card number and expiration date) only to complete reservations made in our Digital Platform made by the user. This includes sending their information to providers to complete the transaction, and managing their reservations or purchase requests. The User can also choose to let ECODIVING COLOMBIA remember specific information such as credit and debit card information and billing, which will automatically appear when logging in ECODIVING COLOMBIA’s app or Digital Platform. While gathering Personal Information for marketing and advertising purposes or any similar activity in Colombia, data will be used according to the LPDP.

4. Gathering and Transferring Personal Information; Consent

All Personal Information is collected and stored in servers located in the United States of America. ECODIVING COLOMBIA can relocate these servers in any other country in the future and gather information provided in the United States and other countries for backup purposes. If necessary, the User must give his/her full consent to transfer the data to any destination in the world.

When entering Personal Information into the Digital Platform, the User authorizes and gives his/her full consent (according to the LPDP and our Privacy Policy) so ECODIVING COLOMBIA collects, uses and gathers Personal Information to (i) provide products and services requested by the user; (ii) send relevant information in a personal format for the sales of products and services. When transferring personal data to third parties, the recipients will follow the same duties and procedures as the one that transfers such data.

5. Personal Information; Custody and Confidentiality

Personal Information will be treated with the protection level legally required to guarantee its security and avoid any kind of alteration, loss or unauthorized use. ECODIVING COLOMBIA keeps your information according to the standards and procedures assigned by the LPDP. ECODIVING COLOMBIA does not provide gathered Personal Information to third parties. In short, this Digital Platform, takes the necessary procedures to protect the users’ Personal Information.

6. Access to Personal Information by Third Parties

The User gives his/her full consent to ECODIVING COLOMBIA to share their relevant Personal Information with third parties, to be used for processing their reservations or purchases, such as Scuba Diving services (immersions, scuba diving bundles, guided tours, live aboard, scuba diving safaris, professional and recreational scuba diving courses, and equipment rentals); hosting services and accommodations (hotels, motels, hostels and bed and breakfast), as well as other touristic and eco touristic activities. Altogether with travel and scuba diving insurance or any other service and product hired by the User on the Digital Platform, the User gives full consent for ECODIVING COLOMBIA to share his/her Personal Information with third party providers and partners, including credit/debit card information, commercial data, customer service, marketing and fraud prevention. We can also authorize third party service providers to collect Personal Information under our name, including necessary specific elements from our Digital Platform, to engage customers with more targeted advertising. Moreover, ECODIVING COLOMBIA can also share Personal Information with commercial partners with whom we could also offer products and services. These commercial partners are bound to confidentiality contracts which prohibit the sharing of unauthorized Personal Information. ECODIVING COLOMBIA can share Personal Information with the purpose to collaborate with the norms and cooperate with the law. The access of Personal Information by third parties will be followed by our Opt Out policy described below.

7. Opt Out Policy

When the User makes a transactions or registers in ECODIVING COLOMBIA’s website, he/she gets the option to subscribe to our newsletter, emails alerts and promotions. The User can modify his/her options at any time by emailing Even though ECODIVING COLOMBIA does not currently have this running platform, we reserve the right to access future registrations of those Users who accept to receive newsletters and email alerts. For the convenience of users, each email will include the option to unsubscribe.

8. Access Rights, Cancellation, Rectification and Objection to Personal Information

The Users have the right to access, cancel and update their Personal Information, as well as oppose any use of thereof and be informed of any transactions taking place without charge within a six month period, unless there is a legitimate reason that respects and follows the LPDP. The Users guarantee and take responsibility for the truth, accuracy and authenticity of such given Personal Information and must commit to keep it up to date.

Such rights mentioned above are performed in writing in the following email: . In this request you will have to provide your full name and a document that legally represents you with an attached copy of your national identification, email address, physical address and a contact number to reach you. You must also include, a clear description of your personal data that you would like to exert your rights to, through rectification, cancellation and documentation.

Once all the information has been properly filed, ECODIVING COLOMBIA will notify the User if his request was processed or rejected.

Likewise, the user can access, update and correct his/her information at any time by accessing “My profile” at ECODIVING COLOMBIA in our Digital Platform.

9. Website Usage

Keep in mind that when accessing the ECODIVING COLOMBIA’s Digital Platform we automatically receive your User’s information. For instance, we receive your cookies (see definition below), web beacons (see definition below) and browser information: the pages and links you have visited, IP addresses and websites you previously visited before accessing out Digital Platform.

ECODIVING COLOMBIA uses this gathered information mainly to improve your experience and better our services.

You will be informed about disabling cookies and given the option to do so before proceeding with the website. Keep it in mind that by disabling them you are limiting your access to the services offered by our Digital Platform.

Cookies” are text files that are automatically downloaded into your computer’s hard drive when you browse a website, keeping track of your online activity. Cookies are used with the purpose of knowing your interests, behavior and the demographic of those who visit our Digital Platform. As a result, we are able to understand your needs and interests and provide a better service experience. We will also use this information to analyze the pages visited by the User to better our commercial initiatives, marketing, advertising and personalized services.

Web beacons” are images that can be inserted into websites, similar to the purpose of web cookies. Web beacons are also used for measuring web traffic from page to page with the objective to maximize the website’s customer traffic.

10. Password and Access Protection

When registering in ECODIVING COLOMBIA, we require a username and password. ECODIVING COLOMBIA allows access to its Digital Platform through the users’ social media accounts (from here on, Social Media) that are compatible with the Digital Platform. If the User loses control or access of his/her social media account, he/she can lose control of his/her Personal Information and hence is legally held responsible for any legal transactions made in his/her name. If by any reason your password is compromised, the User must immediately: (i) change the password, (ii) contact our customer service

11. External Links

This Digital Platform can contain links to other websites that hold their own privacy and confidentiality policies. Therefore, we recommend the User take caution when visiting other websites and carefully review their confidentiality policies, as they may differ from our own.

12. Public Information

Keep in mind that when you post information in the Digital Platform’s public forum (chat groups, picture albums and reviews about products and services) you are publicly disclosing to other users in the Digital Platform and to the public in general, which is no longer in ECODIVING COLOMBIA’s jurisdiction. Please be careful with the information you choose to disclose.

13. Protector of your Personal Information

The head of our database in Colombia, is Carlos Andrés Yepes Ardila. (Calle 137ª # 58 – 70 Torre 3 apartamento 1303 Bogotá, Colombia).

14. Changes

ECODIVING COLOMBIA will be able to change its Privacy Policies in the future. Any changes on how ECODIVING COLOMBIA uses Personal Information will be reflected in future versions of this “Privacy Policy” and will be published on this page. We recommend you periodically check this page.

15. Contact Us

For any questions about ECODIVING COLOMBIA’s Privacy Policy or transactions made through, send an email to .