Network of Heritage Towns

The Network of Heritage Towns in Colombia is an initiative from the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism lead by FONTUR. It looks to rescue, enhance and in the process show the world the most beautiful towns of our country, in order for their cultural and ancestral richness to be enjoyed by locals and visitors from all over the world.

At ECODIVING Colombia we made a selection of Heritage Towns that are nearest to our diving spots, so you can spend some time in the towns during your trip. YOU WON’T REGRET IT!

Magdalena Swamp

Finding yourself in the middle of Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and the warm waters of the Caribbean Ocean, make the Swamp a place with interesting and beautiful sites as well as unforgettable experiences. The remote streets have been preserved since 1521.

Santa Cruz of Mompox (Bolivar)

Through time, Santa Cruz of Mompox, has kept its customs and has forwarded them from generation to generation. “The Museum City” was founded between 1537 and 1540.

Santa Cruz of Lorica (Cordoba)

By the Sinu River and its beautiful landscape lies a small town called Lorica, heritage town from Colombia founded in 1776 and it watches over an important cultural past.

El Jardin (Antioquia)

Composed of just a few kilometers, El Jardin, is a small town in Antioquia that stands out by the preservation of its charm. Since May 23rd, 1863 until today, it’s colonial architecture has always stood out.

Jerico (Antioquia)

Jerico is one of the most beautiful towns in Antioquia due to its landscape, its history and its culture. Founded in 1850. It still has magnificent houses that have preserve their beauty throughout time.

Santafe de Antioquia (Antioquia)

This heritage town is without a doubt a highlight in the department of Antioquia. Its cobble stone streets, colonial doorframes, balconies and beautiful churches transport us to an antique era that allows us to relive a long history of stories that live since 1541 and are still being remembered today.

Mongui (Boyaca)

The indigenous and colonial past told through its antique houses and cobble stone streets have made of Mongui the most beautiful town in the department of Boyacá, it is a magical place.

Villa de Leyva (Boyaca)

In June 12th, 1572 in the department of Boyacá a small town was founded, known today as Villa de Leyva. This beautiful land, known today to be a distinct cultural and tourist center tells its story through history, culture, nature and archeology.