Lake Calima, Salsa Dancing and Scuba Diving, the perfect combination!

Another hidden treasure of diving in Colombia is Lake Calima in the department of Valle del Cauca. The connecting destination is Cali, the capital of the Pacific. Known as the “Salsa Dancing Capital of the World” or “Heaven’s Hub” this is one destination every diver must visit. The landscapes, its flavor, it’s weather and of course its natural jewel, Lake Calima, must be in your log book.

Salsa dancing and diving, the best combination Cali and Lake Calima can offer. Learn the best salsa dancing steps and the best diving techniques for both amateurs and professionals in one of the most picturesque and sublime destinations in Colombia.

Lake Calima is a paradise when it comes to water sports, a great extreme adventure that you will never forget awaits. Rise to the occasion, you will not regret it!

General Information :

  • How to get here: If you are in Bogotá, you can fly to Cali (50 minutes approximately) or take a 10-hour drive. If you are flying from abroad, international flights arrive in Cali. Lake Calima is a 2-hour drive from Cali.

  • Average Temperature: 82.4 °F/ 28 °C

  • Peak Tourist Season: Year Round but specially during the Cali Fairs which take place between the 25th and 30th of December.

Diving Information :

  • Diving in Lake Calima gives divers the opportunity to do a wide variety of activities given its open water and safety conditions for the immersions. You can also experience adventure diving trough immersions in the rivers that flow into the Lake. You can take courses for basic certifications or even specialty and professional courses like: rescue diver, Dive Master or Instructor and of course obtain the certification of high altitude diving. From Cali you can move forth with your diving adventure in Colombia and go to Isla Gorgona, Malpelo and the Pacific Ocean.

  • You can practice diving all year round.

Tourist Spots :

  • Im Cali: La Hermita, Archeological Museum, La Merced, Museum of Modern Art La Tertulia, Municipal Theatre Enrique Buenaventura, Cali Zoo amongst others.

  • Surroundings: Palmira, Buga, Cartago, National Natural Park Los Farallones, Ginebra, Lake Calima, Natural Reserve San Cipriano.

Culture :

  • Music and Dances: Salsa, Salsa Choke, Pasillo, Currulao.

  • Cuisine: Tamal Valluno (From Valle del Cauca) , Sancocho Valluno (Local Stew) , Atollado Rice, Aborrajados, Champús, Lulada, Cholao, Buñuelos, Manjar Blanco or Dulce de Leche, amongst others.

  • Festivals and Fairs: Cali Fair, Petronio Alvarez Festival, National Mono Núñez Festival.

  • Ethnicity: Caucasian, Mestizo (Mixed Race), Indigenous (Emberá, Emberá Chamí, Nasa, Waunan), Afro descendant and Mulato.


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