Gorgona Island

Isla Gorgona. A jungle in the middle of the sea.

Isla Gorgona is another exotic natural beauty with which the Colombian pacific was blessed. A small lot of 61,687 acres filled with biodiversity and history.

Pre-Colombian cultures settled in this territory and it was also the headquarters for one of the maximum security facilities in Colombia. Vestiges of these constructions can be observed within the dense jungle. There are no hotel accommodations in the island but various eco scientific tourist activities are held here and there are beautiful diving sites.

General Information:

  • How to get here from Buenaventura in the department of Valle del Cauca: Take a direct flight from Bogotá to Buenaventura. Flight time 1 hour and 10 minutes. From Buenaventura you must take a boat from the Tourist Dock (Muelle Turistico) or El Puente el Piñal. The trip takes about 8 to 12 hours. The boats usually leave at night.
  • Average Temperature: 82.0 °F/ 27 °C
  • Peak Tourist Season: This is mainly a destination for divers and scientists. Whale season is between June and November




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Diving Sites:

Diving in Isla Gorgona is known for the immersions with beautiful coral formations of the Colombian Pacific waters which are highly conserved. The sites are located in open water therefore the degree of difficulty is higher than other sites but it still offers underwater experiences for divers with all levels of expertise. More than 15 sites can be found in the Isla Gorgona, in the following table you can find the most characteristic of the region.

You can practice diving throughout the year. Between January and April the waters are colder and we recommend to use suits of at least 5mm.

The nearest hyperbaric chamber is at the Naval Base of Bahia Malaga.


Average Depth
Currents Level of Esperience Apnea Highlights

La  Montañita uno y dos (1 y 2)

16 – 114 ft

3 – 60 ft



Yes This immersion presents a lot of challenges due to the open water currents. Rocky formations where you can find Groupers, sharks, snappers and jacks amongst others.

Plaza de Toros

95 – 130 ft

3 – 65 ft



No A lot of adrenaline for expert divers. During the immersion you can find Groupers and giant snappers. Depending on the season and luck you can observe whale sharks.

La Cazuela

65 – 130 ft

3 – 65 ft Varies


No In this site you find a beautiful mixture of small and big species, some call it a diving safari.

El Planchon

32 – 65 ft

3 – 65 ft Varies



Amazing wreck diving. You can find Huge Groupers and with luck, during whale season you can spot some of the whales. You can also practice night diving in this spot.

La Tiburonera

82 ft

3 – 65 ft




Notable diving spot. Caves with reef sharks as well as manta rays and whale sharks. In the Balcony of the site you can observe very clearly the marine fauna.

The Enigmatic Gorgona


This is a dive trip for those who for budget or experience can not visit Malpelo Island. Located in the Colombian Pacific, it offers the same experience of marine life sighting as Malpelo Island, but with diving points availabel for different levels of experience. Also with less budget and days of travel. Unlike Malpelo, night diving in Gorgona is allowed.
  • 2 nights accommodation in Cali. Double or Single Room, Breakfast, WiFi, Emergency Medical Service, TV
  • 4 nights of accommodation in Live Aboard Sea Wolf, according to plan chosen, in double cabin, Twin or Multiple. Transportation Round trip Buenaventura – Gorgona – Buenaventura, All meals on board, snacks and non alcoholic drinks.

  • 3 days of diving (up to 9 daily dives and 2 night dives), according to chosen plan. Cylinders with INT valve (each diver must provide your adapter – for regulators DIN type), air, weights, belts, 2 zodiacs rigid hull 15 feet to transport divers and VHF radio on board, 1 underwater guide Dive Master or Instructor. DAN unit for oxygen supply on board and 2 cylinders 2 cubic meters. First aid kit. Income taxes to the Sanctuary of Malpelo Island Flora and Fauna.

  • City Tour in Cali: Tour guided by the most emblematic sites of the city of Cali. Includes transportation, refreshment and shopping tour at the UNICO Shopping Center, including snacks and discount coupons.
  • Tour Cali is Salsa : Transportation and guide through the most traditional places and the schools where the “world champions of Salsa” are formed.

  • Round Trip Private Airport – Hotel – Airport and Cali – Buenaventura pier – Cali

  • Hotel, Travel Assitance y Diving

  • Aboard Sea Wolf:Basic or specialized diving gear (must be requested in advance and paid directly at the Sea Wolf); Alcoholic drinks with extra charge. International or domestic air tickets unspecified. (Domestic Tickets can be purchased with Ecodiving).
  • Food and / or drinks NOT explicity indicated in the plan.
  • Others not specified explicitly in the plan

  • High: Whales season between July and November.
  • Low: Rest of the Year

  • Low season: Maximum 90 days prior Hotel Check In date.
  • High season: Maximum 120 days prior Hotel Check in date.

May be subject to change
March 15 to March 21 7 3
May 10 to May 16 7 3
June 7 to June 13 7 3
June 21 to June 26 6 2
July 5 to July 10 6 2
July 18 to July 24 7 3
July 26 to July 31 de Julio 6 2
August 9 to August 14 6 2
August 16 to August 22 7 3
August 30 to September 4 6 2
September 13 to September 18 6 2
September 27 to October 2 6 2
October 11 to October 16 6 2
October 25 to October 30 6 2

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