Isla de Malpelo. Human Heritage

Isla Malpelo is the most notable diving spot in Colombia and the most recognized worldwide. Its natural and scientific value is a true Colombian gem. Isla Malpelo in Colombia, the Isla de los Cocos in Costa Rica and Galapagos Islands in Ecuador make up the Golden Triangle of Diving in the Pacific. An immersion in Isla Malpelo is a must for divers around the world. Its biggest attraction are the groups of Hammerhead Sharks that can practically be seen all throughout the year.

This site is recommended only for Advanced and Expert Divers as well as Scientists who are looking to advance their studies on nature and marine biology.

General Information

  • How to get here: The only way to get here is by boat. Live Aboard Sea Wolf service can be taken in the Buenaventura Harbor in Valle del Cauca. The trip to Isla Malpelo is anywhere between 24 and 36 hours.
  • Average Temperature: 81.0 °F/ 27 °C
  • Peak Tourist Season: This location is only visited by Divers and Scientists.


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Diving Sites:


To talk about the diving sites in Malpelo is like crossing off the most important wish lists for the most passionate divers. The beauty of the formations, the contrasts created by the light and the big species are impossible to describe. The constant changing conditions of an open water site make this site a dream destination for divers with over 25 certified immersions. Below you can find the most representative sites.

You can practice diving throughout the year. Between January and April, the waters are colder and we recommend to use suits of at least 5mm.

The nearest hyperbaric chamber is at the Naval Base of Bahia Malaga.


Average depth
Currents Level of Experience


La Puerta del Cielo

80 – 130 ft

3 – 65 ft




Cave diving with flashlight. A Beautiful play of light streaming into the cracks with the presence of hammerhead sharks make for an amazing immersion.

La Gringa

90 – 110 ft

16 – 82 ft




Wall descent to reach a depth of 110 ft. Diving with flashlight in order to navigate throughout the cave. Strong currents on the way out. Presence of hammerhead sharks and Galapagos.

La Catedral

69 – 79 ft

3 – 65 ft Medium



Cave located under the three musketeers. Populations of corals, jacks, tuna and lobsters accompany you in this immersion.

El Altar de la Virginia

35 – 100 ft

3 – 65 ft Varies


Yes This is one of the calmer diving sited in Malpelo. It is considered a marine safari with beautiful corals, barracudas, snappers and hammerhead sharks.

Bajo del Monstruo

16 – 150 ft

3 – 60 ft




This diving site requires great expertise and high technical abilities due to the strong currents and depth.

La Cara del Fantasma

0 – 130 ft

3 – 60 ft




Wall descent to reach a coral patch at 80ft. A second stage to reach 130ft. Strong currents might appear throughout the immersion.


Breathtaking Malpelo


This is an unforgettable adventure in one of the top dive destinations in the world, reserved only for the most passionate and expert divers, looking to enjoy an abundant underwater life and a lot of adrenaline. The plan includes connection from the city of Cali. Transfers and / or additional accommodation to get to Cali, must be requested and quoted in advance.
  • 2 nights of Double or Single accommodation in Cali. Breakfast, WiFi, TV
  • 6,7 or 8 nights accommodation inside Live Aboard Sea Wolf, chosen according to plan, in a double cabin, Twin or Multiple. Round trip transportation Buenaventura – Malpelo – Buenaventura, all meals on board, and snacks and non alcoholic drinks.

  • 5,6 or 7 days of diving (15 to 21 dives), according to chosen plan. Cylinders with INT valve (each diver must provide your adapter – for regulators DIN type), air, weights, belts, 2 zodiacs rigid hull 15 feet to transport divers and VHF radio on board, 1 underwater guide Dive Master or Instructor. DAN unit for oxygen supply on board and 2 cylinders 2 cubic meters. First aid kit. Income taxes to the Sanctuary of Malpelo Island Flora and Fauna. (See Annex diving in Malpelo requirements)

  • Cali City Tour: Guided tour of the most emblematic sites in the city of Cali. It includes transportation, snacks and shopping tour in the UNICO shopping center, includes refreshments and discount vouchers.

  • Round Trip Private Airport – Hotel – Airport and Cali – Buenaventura pier – Cali

  • Hotel, Travel Assitance y Diving

  • Aboard Sea Wolf:Basic or specialized diving gear (must be requested in advance and paid directly at the Sea Wolf); Alcoholic drinks with extra charge.
  • International or domestic air tickets unspecified. (Domestic Tickets can be purchased with Ecodiving). Food and / or drinks NOT explicity indicated in the plan.
  • Others not specified explicitly in the plan

  • High: Whales season between July and November.
  • Low: Rest of the Year

  • Low season: Maximum 90 days prior Hotel Check In date.
  • High season: Maximum 120 days prior Hotel Check in date.

May be subject to change
January 29 to February 9 12 7
February 19 to February 29 11 6
March 5 to March 16 12 7
March 21 to April 1 12 7
April 3 to April 13 11 6
April 23 to May 4 12 7
May 15 to May 25 11 6
May 28 to June 8 12 7
June 12 to June 22 11 6
June 26 to July 6 11 6
July 31 to August 10 11 6
August 21 to August 31 11 6
September 4 to September 14 11 6
October 1 to October 11 11 6
November 20 to november 30 11 6
December 4 to December 14 11 6
December 22 to January 2 , 2019 12 7

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