Terms & Conditions


From here on, the terms “EcoDiving Colombia”, “We”, and “Ours”, make reference to EcoDiving Colombia’s commercial establishment registered in the city of Bogota D.C. Colombia; owner and provider of the website www.ecodivingcolombia.travel, from here on, “Digital Platform”. The terms “Users” make reference to the clients that visit the Digital Platform and make reservations through our Digital Platform through any devices, including mobile devices. The term “Partners”, make reference to those who are providers of the services and products promoted through this Digital Platform.

When accessing the Digital Platform, you are agreeing to the following terms, conditions, and privacy policies. Please read the following pages carefully. In the case that you do not agree with the terms, conditions, or privacy policy, please close browser to cease usage to our web page. Please visit this page to remain updated with our current policy changes and modifications. We reserve the right to modify our terms, conditions and privacy policy at any time without customer notification. If you continue usage of our website, you are agreeing to any changes or modifications of the updated terms, conditions or privacy policy.

These terms, conditions and privacy policies apply to all direct and indirect services (through our partners) available online through any mobile platform and email address. When accessing, browsing and using our Digital Platform, you accept reading understanding and agreeing our terms and conditions listed below (this includes the privacy policy).

All web page content, (structure and scuba diving booking services, hosting and eco-touristic activities) are published through this platform and can only be used for personal purposed, non-commercial. The following terms and conditions are below. When accessing our Digital Platform and using our products and services you commit to not make any false reservations and comments related with EcoDiving Colombia and any of its partners and providers.

Scope of Our Services

Through this website we provide a Digital Platform from which all scuba diving services (immersions, scuba diving bundles, guided tours, professional and recreational scuba diving courses, equipment rentals, live aboard, altogether “scuba diving services”); Hospitality services (for example, hotels, motels, hostels, and bed&breakfasts, altogether “lodging accommodations”) other touristic and eco-touristic professionally guided activities, altogether “activities”, offering its services and products allowing users to make reservations through the website. Making a reservation through EcoDiving Colombia, you establish a legal, direct relationship with the partner you have made the reservation with. From the moment you make your reservation, we act only as a mediator between you and the partner transferring the reservation data and sending confirmation emails in regards of the partner.

The information we display is based on the information provided by the partner. The partners periodically provide EcoDiving Colombia updated information about pricing, availability, and other information on our Digital Platform. Even though we try our best to make our service as accurate as possible, we can’t verify or guarantee that all our information is precise, complete or correct. We are not responsible for any errors, interruptions, (do to technical difficulties, web maintenance, or other reasons), incomplete,misleading or false information. The partner is responsible at all times of the accuracy and preciseness of the information (pricing and availability) that appears in our Digital Platform. Our Digital Platform is not a substitute and can’t be seen as a replacement of the quality, service level, of any available partner.

Our services can only be used for personal purposes and not commercial. Therefore it is not legal to resell, use, copy, or reproduce its content, information, software, products, and available services in our Digital Platform for any commercial activity.

Terms and Conditions for Partners

Registration and Service

The service and registration process in our Digital Platform is entirely free for the partners that provided scuba diving products and services, hosting, and activities. Once you are registered, you will receive a confirmation email. EcoDiving Colombia reserves the right to accept or decline any registration requests; those interested in the company must comply with the politics and the Commitment to Sustainable Tourism. If the request is accepted, EcoDiving Colombia will send you the information related to your account and how to access and edit your profile’s content.

EcoDiving Colombia is not responsible for the deletion or wrong delivery, of any kind of information from the partners. EcoDiving Colombia strives to keep its services free of mistakes, however as we cannot guarantee accuracy, please use at your own risk.

EcoDiving Colombia is web-based and can be temporarily out of service. EcoDiving Colombia is authorized to temporarily turn off the system or limit its use without any notification for maintenance to its Digital Platform.

Reservations for Scuba Diving, Touristic Activities, and Accommodations

Users that visit the Digital Platform at www.ecodivingcolombia.travel have the option to file a reservation request for scuba diving, activities and accommodations. These reservation requests can be sent directly to EcoDiving Colombia at reservas@ecodivingcolombia.com. The user has the freedom to accept or decline this request, however he/her has to commit to give an answer, no later than 24hrs after the request is made. His/Her email of response can be sent at reservas@ecodivingcolombia.com and the EcoDiving Colombia staff will proceed to confirm or decline this request.

Payments and Collections for Services

www.ecodivingcolombia.travel has incorporated in its Digital Platform an online payment system where users can pay for their scuba diving, touristic activities and accommodations. EcoDiving Colombia will electronically transfer the money through a bank account provided by the associated partner equal to the amount of the service requested.

With each online transaction you make with EcoDiving Colombia, the associated partner will be given a portion of the money transferred as a commission for their services. This amount of money will be transferred within ten businesses days after the transaction.

Information Published by the Partners

All information published by www.ecodivingcolombia.travel related to products, services, and any other interests by partners, must be reviewed, updated, and corrected. It is the partners responsibility that such information is updated, true, and reliable. It must be reviewed and edited when necessary on a periodic basis.

Any changes, corrections and updates that are thought necessary, can be requested at cayepes@ecodivingcolombia.travel, and within 24 working hours, our team will comply with the changes requested.

Your information such as telephone number, email address, and website, will not be published. EcoDiving Colombia reserves the right to refuse to publish any information that seems inaccurate, inappropriate, or does not meet the politics of the Sustainable Tourism Commitment from the company.

Intellectual Property Rights

In order to efficiently develop commercial and promotional services from the partners, it is required to have access to content, (text, photographs, videos, logos, symbols, and commercial mottos), that better describe products and services by the partners. Therefore, partners are the sole proprietor of the rights to use authorized content, (text, photographs, videos, logos, symbols, and commercial mottos), provided by EcoDiving Colombia. Partners are also authorized to publish and advertise with marketing purposes in any communication channels that EcoDiving Colombia deems as necessary in their pursuit to enhance their business. They are also authorized to translate information to any language in the case where the user does not speak Spanish. The partners declare that the content given does not violate any third party and that EcoDiving Colombia will be unscathed by any lawsuits.


Once the User has chosen service, the partner is the only one responsible to solve any kind of petition or complaint given from the user in reaction to any one of their services. They are also held responsible for any inaccuracies given to EcoDiving Colombia, more specifically, pricing, tariffs, and descriptions of the offered services, that can lead to misunderstandings.


All partners commit to compensate EcoDiving Colombia for any responsibilities, costs, losses, or damages, (including direct and indirect loss, defamation, profit, penalties and legal costs, among others), incurred to EcoDiving Colombia in relation with breaking the agreement and services provided.

For all the agreed legal terms, each party establishes Bogota D.C. as a meeting point. In the case of a controversial issue with the performance or execution of these terms and conditions, or fulfillment of their obligation, that cannot be solved in a friendly matter between the involved parties, the dispute shall be submitted to the Tribunal of Arbitramento in accordance to the law 446 of 1998.

Users’ Terms and Conditions

EcoDiving Colombia a commercial establishment, legally formed in Bogota Colombia, provides a Digital Platform called www.ecodivingcolombia.travel that facilitates the relationship through the internet between services providers and Users interested in making scuba diving trips to Colombia. This Digital Platform can be used by the partners to post information about their services, and by the Users to consult and compare such services from the partners, such as make reservations and purchase online services of their choice. Likewise, Users can post and share opinions about EcoDiving Colombia’s partners and their experiences with their services. According to what was mentioned above, EcoDiving Colombia acts only as intermediary between the partners and the users to facilitate their interactions and transactions.

EcoDiving Colombia is not responsible for the wrong delivery or failure to save information. EcoDiving Colombia strives to keep all services safe and free from mistakes; please use at your own discretion. Please read Privacy Policies. EcoDiving Colombia is web-based and can be temporarily out of service. EcoDiving Colombia is authorized to temporarily turn off the system or limit its use without any notification for maintenance to its Digital Platform.

Information Published by the Partners

All information published by EcoDiving Colombia, related to products, services, and any other interests by partners, must be reviewed, updated, and corrected. EcoDiving Colombia is not responsible for any out of date information, inaccurate, or incomplete, provided by the partners.

Reservation Services

EcoDiving Colombia provides users software that allows them to make reservations online of the different products offered by the partners. Once the reservations have been made online by the Users, EcoDiving Colombia has 48hrs to confirm the availability of the service, in such time, and let the Users know by email.

Reservation Payments

EcoDiving Colombia provides all Users an online payment system for any costs, charges, or tariffs, that may be acquired when purchasing services from partners, this includes reservations and confirmations from EcoDiving Colombia. In the confirmation of reservation email, the user will have access to the payment through a safe online platform. The payment will be processed through a safe procedure from his/her credit or debit card.

Cancellation and Reimbursement Policy

EcoDiving Colombia is aware that during the planning of your upcoming scuba diving trip, circumstances may arise that may partially or completely change your travel itinerary, especially health problems that impeach the user from performing a safe immersion. First, EcoDiving Colombia offers its Users an alternative date to complete their trip. If changing the date proves to be out of the question, EcoDiving Colombia guarantees a full reimbursement of all services through www.ecodivingcolombia.travel if such cancellation is made 48hrs before the hotel check-in date or of the date of the first immersion. The reimbursement takes place within 20 business days, which is the time for the banks and credit card companies to process the refund. If additional charges from the banks/credit card companies are acquired through the reimbursement process, the User will be charged directly and the money will be subtracted from the refund. If the cancellation is made in after the 48hr window, specific “no-show” policies will apply according to each partner’s terms and conditions. Likewise, partners reserve the right to cancel or suggest an alternative travel date to Users in the case of any emergency obligations or misfortunes. In this case, partners commit to give a full reimbursement of their service according to their specific cancellation policies. EcoDiving Colombia will NOT reimburse money that has been used for services outside of their Digital Platform, such as airplane tickets, and outside contacted tours.

Travel and Scuba Diving Insurance

For EcoDiving Colombia, it is very important that your stay in our country is unforgettable and enjoyable, however, a variety of misfortunes can occur when practicing recreational scuba diving in Colombia. For this reason, EcoDiving Colombia, through its Digital Platform, gives you the option to acquire Scuba Diving and Travel Insurance, in the case of an emergency, such as sickness, calamity or accidents that may occur during your trip or scuba diving immersion. For this reason, we are responsible for all costs and actions that need to be taken in order to fix this occurrence. EcoDiving Colombia will not respond to any cost, lawsuit, or legal action caused from an accident, sickness, or contingencies that may occur during your travel experience if the User chooses not to acquire the Travel and Scuba Diving Insurance offered through our Digital Platform. The assistance services provided to the traveler and scuba diver through EcoDiving Colombia only covers the services supplied by our partners, and hired through our Digital Platform. Hence, if during your stay in Colombian territory, a different package for guided tour by an alternate travel agency or touristic operator, other than EcoDiving Colombia and its partners, and if it is specifically related to adventure sports, these are not covered by our Scuba Diver and Travel Insurance. Therefore, it is your responsibility to check with such travel agency or touristic operator to find out which type of Insurance coverage is offered.

Responsible Scuba Diving

When booking and paying for scuba diving services through our Digital Platform, the User acknowledges that he/she meets the minimum certification requirements for insurance, and has provided the right personal and medical information, as well as filling all necessary documents required by the scuba diving center to guarantee his/her safety. If the User does not supply such required information or does it in a wrongful or incomplete manner, the scuba diving center reserves the right to cancel his contract and the corresponding costs if applicable will be assumed by the User.

Sustainable Tourism Agreement

EcoDiving Colombia believes that the Users that hire their services through the Digital Platform, are responsible tourists and are aware of the impact to our ecosystem and the communities they will visit and will display a responsible exemplary behavior during their stay in Colombia territory. We invite you to practice during your stay in Colombia, our Sustainable Tourism agreement policy, that complies with the norms and policies of our partners as well as local governments, responsible for the protection of our natural and cultural heritage; being a global citizen he/she shares and teaches the community his/her knowledge and skills to preserve the environment. If you witness a situation that directly or indirectly goes against our policy, please let us and the local authorities know.

Exclusion of Liability

EcoDiving Colombia does not hold itself responsible and does not legally guarantee, the use and operation of this Digital Platform, the online system, partners information, or terms and forms of provided services. In no case EcoDiving Colombia nor its partners, directors, employees, agents and contractors will be held responsible for any costs, losses, and damages, (including but not limited to: personal emergency, death, punitive damages, direct and indirect damages, and so on), and includes losses, costs, and damages related to:

  • Virus and hazardous software components on the website, interruptions, delays, or inability to use the website online and damages to computer equipment or any other property.

  • Inaccurate information, incomplete information, untrusted information, or misleading information by the partners.

  • Any act of omission by the service provider or its directors, officials, agents, employees, or contractors, including any complaint related to the providers services.

Comments, Posts, Reviews

EcoDiving Colombia is the exclusive owner of oral rights, titles, and intellectual property related to the Digital Platform and the online system. Through the publication of posts, comments, and reviews, you grant EcoDiving Colombia the non exclusive right to use, reproduce, and modify your comments, posts, and reviews, to your discretion, in order to inform other interested parties. You accept and allow EcoDiving Colombia to remove your comments, posts, and reviews, from the digital platform, to your discretion, if we consider them offensive, false, or fraudulent.

All services provided by EcoDiving Colombia such as products and information may include inaccuracy and errors. EcoDiving Colombia does not guarantee the informations accuracy and descriptions from the partners, including: pricing information, photographs, and facilities.

All partners and product and services providers from the digital platform are independent contractors and not agents or employees from EcoDiving Colombia. Hence, EcoDiving Colombia is not responsible for their personal actions, omissions, errors, or negligence for any personal injury, death, property damage, or any other expenses.

EcoDiving Colombia is not responsible for any delays, cancellations, over-bookings, or unexpected misfortunes unrelated to our company; in all these cases we are not responsible for any reimbursement to the User.

EcoDiving Colombia is not responsible for any losses, including lost data, or any other damages that may occur while you are connected and using our Digital Platform.


The User will compensate EcoDiving Colombia for any costs, expenses, damages, or losses, (including any direct or indirect losses, lost earnings, defamation, or any legal sanctions, among other expenses), software by EcoDiving Colombia related to breaking contract.

The User accepts to compensate any type of claim or lawsuit made by a third party or by the use of EcoDiving Colombia’s services.


For all the agreed legal terms, each party establishes Bogota D.C., Colombia as a meeting point, and because of this, all terms and conditions will be interpreted according to the Colombian law. Any controversy that may appear from these terms and general conditions, or by our services, will be presented only before the competent courts in Bogota D.C., Colombia.

The original version of these terms and conditions are in Spanish; they may be converted into other languages. These translated versions are a courtesy and not official, therefore, they cannot be used in a court of law. In case of a dispute over the content or the interpretation of the terms and conditions, contradictions or discrepancies between the Spanish version and the other translations, the Spanish version will always prevail and is conclusive as far as the law is capable.